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Waxing is quick and easy, great for removing large amounts of hair and gives better results than hair removal creams or shaving.  


Waxing Amazonite Therapies isn’t just about mundane hair-removal! With the increasing popularity of exotic treatments such as Brazilian bikini waxing, waxing is anything but the poor relation of hair removal. From lip waxing or eyebrow waxing to the trendiest, most exotic treatments ‘down under’, we’ve got something to perfectly suit your lifestyle and build your confidence.

How does waxing work?

As its name suggests, body waxing involves spreading a specially formulated wax thinly over the skin. In strip waxing, a cloth or paper strip is then pressed onto the soft wax and pulled off quickly against the natural direction of the hair.

What can be waxed?

Almost any area of the body can be waxed:

·         Eyebrows

·         Face

·         The bikini area

·         Legs

·         Arms

·         Back

·         Chest

·         Stomach

·         Feet

By having waxing done by a qualified professional, you’ll be sure they’ll know which parts of the body should never be waxed (due to extreme sensitivity) and which require special care.

Specialist waxing techniques

Various specialty techniques, often with exotic names, have been popularized recently. In particular, these involve bikini-line waxing (‘bikini waxing’). Originally developed to facilitate the wearing of the briefest bikinis, they’ve evolved into full front-to-back waxing of the genital areas with services such as Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing.

Waxing at the Amazonite Therapies

Think ‘waxing in Edinburgh’, then think of Amazonite Therapies. We believe we offer the ideal temporary hair removal method using a cream wax with a tea tree aftercare to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. We believe it’s one of the most effective and luxurious waxing treatments you can enjoy.

Naturally, we offer an extensive range , from waxing legs to waxing the bikini area, here’s a selection of the treatments we offer, starting under £10:

·         Back waxing

·         Bikini wax/High bikini wax

·         Bikini body gems

·         Brazilian

·         Hollywood

·         Eyebrow wax or reshaping

·         Arm waxing

·         Full or partial leg waxing

·         Lip wax

·         Chin wax

·         Shoulder waxing





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